A Rocky Beach Next To A Body Of Water
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National Parks & Nature Reserves in Sharm El Sheikh

Unexpected Beauty in the Egyptian Desert

Despite its status as a desert, the Sinai Peninsula and Sharm El Sheikh, in particular, are home to lush greenery and beautiful natural vegetation. Explore the surprising nature reserves and parks in Sharm El Sheikh, including the first to be designated as a National Park in Egypt!

Ras Muhammad National Park

The Ras Mohammed protected area includes a desert peninsula and stunning underwater coral reefs that are internationally recognized as one of the best Red Sea diving sites. The diversity of flora and fauna, and clear, warm water devoid of pollutants attract divers from all over the world, while the adjacent barren desert lies in stark contrast. In reality, the desert itself is rich in fauna as well, with desert foxes, Nubian ibex, and birdlife such as white storks, herons, gulls, terns, and osprey commonly sighted. The vast expanse of Ras Muhammad, including its marine park and open recreational space, was the first to achieve National Park designation in Egypt, protecting its wildlife and grounds from damage for years to come!

Nabq Protectorate

As the largest coastal protected area on the Gulf of Aqaba, the Nabq Protectorate extends over an area of 600 km². Here, a natural desert wadi, or watercourse, joins the Red Sea in a fan of sand dunes and beaches, creating a unique environment, where clusters of mangrove trees flourish and wildlife abounds. Foxes, Nubian ibex, Rock hyraxes (dassies), and even gazelles can be spotted here.