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Red Sea Scuba Diving & Snorkelling Guide

An Extraordinary Undersea Experience

Home to some of the most stunning diving sites in the world, the Red Sea is the Middle East’s most popular scuba diving, snorkeling, and underwater adventure destination. With its consistent warm temperatures (and the second-hottest body of water in the world!), diverse marine life and ecosystems, and incredible coral reefs, the Red Sea is perfect for deep-sea diving and surface snorkeling all year round.

The friendly and experienced Savoy Diving Centre instructors make accessing this amazing undersea adventure possible for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned scuba diver or a first timer, a dive in the Red Sea is an absolute must during your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. 

Red Sea Scuba Diving Sites

From the Savoy Group hotels and resorts in Sharm El Sheikh, several of the most popular Red Sea diving sites are easily accessible. Each offers a unique look at magical marine life, colourful coral reefs, sharks, or even shipwrecks, and are appropriate for a wide variety of experience levels. Not sure which dive site is best? Our Diving Centre can assist you with choosing the ideal dive!

Some of our guests’ favorite dive sites include:

  • Thistlegorm – Wreck Dive
  • Ras Muhammad National Park – Reef Dive
  • Sha'ab Abu Nuhas – Wreck Dive
  • Jackson Reef – Reef Dive
  • Thomas Reef – Reef Dive
  • Ras Umm Sid – Shore Dive / Snorkeling
  • Eel Garden – Ecosystem Dive
  • Shark’s Bay – Shore Dive / Snorkeling

Savoy Scuba Diving Centre & Courses

The Savoy Diving Centre, in partnership with the Dive up club , offers tailor-made courses to your skill and experience levels to ensure a fun, safe, and successful dive. For beginners, the Centre offers trial dives directly from White Knight Beach or a shore boat for a glimpse into the underwater world. Equipment rentals, advanced open-water excursions, kids’ snorkeling adventures, day trips, deep sea diving, and a host of other water sports and activities are all available through the Dive up center.

You can even commission an underwater photographer to capture your once-in-a-lifetime journey in the Red Sea!

What's Nearby

Points of interest around the property
Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
Thistlegorm Thistlegorm 30.63

The world famous wreck SS Thistlegorm was sunk in 1941 in the Gulf of Suez. She was loaded with a cargo of armoured Bren-Gun carriers, BSA motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, rolling stock, aeroplane parts, stacks of rifles, radio equipment, munitions, and a plentiful supply of Wellington boots. The Thistlegorm is a heaven for wreck enthusiasts, but is also one of the most underrated fish dives in the area, attracting schooling Barracuda and providing a hunting ground for giant Tuna and Snapper.

Ras Mohammed Marine Park Ras mohammed 28.09
Straits of Tiran straits if tiran 9.24

The Straits of Tiran offer spectacular diving. The Straits extend from Ras Ghamila on the mainland, to Jackson Reef. They are most famous for 4 offshore reefs named after the 19th Century British cartographers Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson. Water funneling through the Straits can cause strong currents, leading to exciting drift dives. A huge variety of coral and marine life thrive in the nutrient-rich water.

Ras Ghamila Ras Ghamila Dive Site 3.42

Ras Ghamila is a long plateau covered with table corals and soft corals. This is one of the most beautiful dives in Sharm El Sheikh. This dive is usually done as an optional third dive after two morning dives in the Straits of Tiran. Under the table corals divers may see Crocodile Fish, Blue Spotted Sting Rays and Groupers hiding. Strong currents are often present, making drift dives in this area very exciting! At the corner of the dive site schools of black Snappers are quite common. Expect to see Cornet Fish stalking their prey by hiding behind larger fish.

The Gardens The Gardens sharm el sheikh 5.82
Jolanda Reefs Jolanda Reef 30.09
Shark's Bay Sharks Bay oasis 1.25
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