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A Dining Room Table
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The Best Bars & Lounges in Sharm El Sheikh

Meet Friends and Make New Ones at Savoy

Access the best bars and lounges in Sharm El Sheikh easily at Savoy Group. With the most dynamic selection of bars and pubs, as well as the region’s trendiest lounges, Savoy Group has a nightlife destination to satisfy every desire.

Choose the Queen Vic, an English-style pub, for a casual evening of drinks, pub games, and televised football matches. Dress up for an evening at Crystal Live Lounge, Sharm El Sheikh’s only venue featuring live music nightly. Plunge into sub-zero adventure at Ice Bar, the Middle East’s first bar of its kind, featuring a furniture and glasses made entirely of ice.

However you enjoy unwinding on holiday, you’ll find it at the many bars and lounges at Savoy Group.

Bars and Nightlife Venues at Savoy: