A Group Of Lawn Chairs Sitting On Top Of A Sandy Beach
A Pool Next To A Body Of Water
A Group Of Lawn Chairs Sitting On Top Of A Sandy Beach
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A Premier Hotel With Pools in Sharm El Sheikh

Fun in the Sun, Premium Amenities and Excellent Activities

Sierra is the premier all-inclusive hotel in Egypt.

With a host of sparkling pools, outstanding activities, a restaurant, premium bars and an array of entertainment options, Sierra is the ultimate escape for the young at heart. Ideal for couples, friends and families looking for a fun-filled Egyptian trip, Sierra offers stylish, modern accommodations in a world-class setting.

Sierra Sharm El Sheikh Hotel Features:

What's Nearby

Points of interest around the property
Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
Fusce 8170 Myrtle St. Niceville, FL 32578 202-555-0169 6015.77

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Vulputate Mattis 7 Hill St. Mountain View, CA 94043 202-555-0115 7952.54
Vulputate Mattis

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Parturient Cursus 76 8th Dr. Northbrook, IL 60062 6112.57
Soho Square Sharm El Sheikh Soho Square Sharm El Sheikh 0.14
Genena City Genena City 7.06
La Strada Mall La Strada Mall 7.14
Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
Pellentesque Parturient 36 Locust Drive Manchester Township, NJ 08759 202-555-0191 5401.72
Pellentesque Parturient

Mollis Ullamcorper

Thistlegorm Thistlegorm 30.63

The world famous wreck SS Thistlegorm was sunk in 1941 in the Gulf of Suez. She was loaded with a cargo of armoured Bren-Gun carriers, BSA motorcycles, jeeps, trucks, rolling stock, aeroplane parts, stacks of rifles, radio equipment, munitions, and a plentiful supply of Wellington boots. The Thistlegorm is a heaven for wreck enthusiasts, but is also one of the most underrated fish dives in the area, attracting schooling Barracuda and providing a hunting ground for giant Tuna and Snapper.

Sollicitudin Fermentum 331 W. Hawthorne Drive Dothan, AL 36301 5955.5

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Ras Mohammed Marine Park Ras mohammed 28.09
Straits of Tiran straits if tiran 9.24

The Straits of Tiran offer spectacular diving. The Straits extend from Ras Ghamila on the mainland, to Jackson Reef. They are most famous for 4 offshore reefs named after the 19th Century British cartographers Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson. Water funneling through the Straits can cause strong currents, leading to exciting drift dives. A huge variety of coral and marine life thrive in the nutrient-rich water.

Ras Ghamila Ras Ghamila Dive Site 3.42

Ras Ghamila is a long plateau covered with table corals and soft corals. This is one of the most beautiful dives in Sharm El Sheikh. This dive is usually done as an optional third dive after two morning dives in the Straits of Tiran. Under the table corals divers may see Crocodile Fish, Blue Spotted Sting Rays and Groupers hiding. Strong currents are often present, making drift dives in this area very exciting! At the corner of the dive site schools of black Snappers are quite common. Expect to see Cornet Fish stalking their prey by hiding behind larger fish.

The Gardens The Gardens sharm el sheikh 5.82
Jolanda Reefs Jolanda Reef 30.09
Shark's Bay Sharks Bay oasis 1.25
Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
Bombay Safwy Sharm Hotel Main Entrance, Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt 0.09
Mai Thai Soho Square sharm 0.14
Luxor Soho Square sharm 0.14
Zen Soho Square sharm 0.14
L'Entrecôte Soho Square Sharm El Sheikh 0.14

L'Entrecôte offers the finest imported beef cooked on an open grill in the classic French-style brasserie restaurant. The finest beef imported from Australia, America and Japan is cooked on an open grill to your liking, served with Chef's secret recipe sauces or steak butters. Add the largest restaurant wine selection in Sinai, and choose from a balcony, or spacious booth seating, and attentive service and you will enjoy a continental-styled evening.

Sushi Bar Soho Square sharm 0.14

The fabulous Sushi Bar offers a huge range of Sushi and leaves it to you to choose as the delicacies come past you on a special conveyor belt. The menu includes sushi and sashimi from the freshest fish, including salmon, prawns, tuna and mackerel in a very convivial atmosphere.

Teppanyaki Soho Square sharm 0.14
City Stars Sharm El Sheikh City Stars Sharm El Sheikh 6.85
Café Chino Soho Square Sharm El Sheikh 0.14

Opening out into SOHO Square, Café Chino is the perfect place for a relaxing drink of coffee or tea, or a soft drink. It’s a very European-style bistro, with a great selection of light meals – perfect to watch the fountain’s fascinating colour-changing display in the centre of the square or to end a night out at Pangaea, especially with a cup of Café Chino’s famous coffee. Sandwiches on freshly baked bread are a speciality.

Akuna Matata Soho Square Sharm El Sheikh 0.14

Akuna Matata is an array of ethnic food outlets, where diners can eat casually avoiding the hot sun, but remain alfresco. The food is wonderful and the service is very fast.

Place Name Address Phone Distance Show on map
SOHO Heineken Bar SOHO Square, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt 0.14
Sunset Bar – Pool Bar Safwy Sharm Hotel Main Entrance, Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt 0.17
Sunset Bar – Pool Bar

This exclusive bar represents the ultimate indulgence, offering fresh cocktails in the midst of the pool. Located at Sierra, Sunset Bar is open from 10:00 to 17:00.

Ice Bar Ice Bar Sharm el-Sheikh 0.1
Oriental Cove Savoy Hotel Sharm El Sheikh 0.17
sierra hotel sharm el sheikh, Janūb Sīnā', , EGY