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Sierra Savoy Bars

Refreshing Cocktails, Snacks and More

Offering unmatched opportunities to kick back and relax in beautiful Sharm El Sheikh, Sierra is proud to operate a variety of outstanding bars on property. For ultimate convenience, the lineup of bars at Sierra ensures you are never far from a quick snack or refreshing beverage.

Sierra Bars:

Sierra Bar – Lobby Bar: Unwind in the Lobby Bar on a comfy sofa or enjoy the weather with a refreshing drink on the outdoor seating area. Stop by Lobby Bar in the evening for life entertainment. Located inside the Sierra Hotel, Sierra Bar is open from 10:00 t0 01:00. 

Sunset Bar – Pool Bar: This exclusive bar represents the ultimate indulgence, offering fresh cocktails in the midst of the pool. Located at Sierra, Sunset Bar is open from 10:00 till sunset.

Oasis Bar – Spa Pool Bar: Located at the Aqua Spa Pool at Sierra Hotel, Oasis Bar offers refreshing beverages in a beautiful setting, allowing guests to relax on bar stools in the water and enjoy the beautiful gardens surrounding the bar. Oasis bar is open from 10:00 till sunset.

Andiamo – Pool Bar: Andiamo has both shaded seating on dry land as well as bar stools in the water at the Sierra Hotel pool area. Enjoy refreshing drinks, lunch and snacks from 11:00 A.M till 12:30 P.M  / 13.00 till sunset.

Main Pool Bar: The Main Pool Bar at Sierra serves cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as ice cream, making it a must stop destination during your day in the sun. The Main Pool Bar is open from 10:00 till sunset.

Roof Bar – Lobby Rooftop Bar: Located on the lobby rooftop, this bar offers a welcoming environment and stunning views for guests to enjoy with their drinks. Open from 20:00 to end of show.

Beach Bar: Situated in the heart of Sierra’s private beach area, the Beach Bar serves outstanding cocktails, drinks and snacks, including ice cream, from 9:00 till sunset.