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The #1 Destination for Shopping in Sharm El Sheikh!

Souvenirs, Luxury Goods, and Bazaars at SOHO Square

Offering the largest collection of retail outlets, souvenir shops, and the most exciting bazaar in the region, SOHO Square is the premier shopping destination in Sharm El Sheikh, voted #1 by visitors!

The shops at SOHO Square are a cross-section of retail, high quality goods, European brands and fashion house designers, and finely crafted merchandise – all at affordable prices – so you can find the perfect presents and souvenirs. In addition to the retail outlets, SOHO Square boasts the most unique bazaar in Sharm El Sheikh for an extraordinary shopping experience. The Khan El Khalili Bazaar is designed in the style of the vintage Middle Eastern souk, with a maze of shops, stands, and vendors.

SOHO Square Shopping Centre

Situated in the heart of the Savoy Resort, the SOHO Square Shopping Centre is a magnet for all visitors to come and enjoy a large cross-section of retail outlets from fashion wear and accessories to art galleries and home goods. With help from our professional staff, we make sure your shopping experience is fun and memorable.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar at SOHO Square

The Khan El-Khalili is one of the most interesting bazaars as it is famous for its unusual, oriental souvenirs and handmade crafts. The Medieval atmospheres of this traditional market together with the labyrinth layout of the streets gives visitors a glimpse into what medieval markets once were like.

Kiosks at SOHO Square

In addition to the many retail outlets, you will also find kiosks as you stroll through SOHO Square. Enjoy some sweets from Kandy Sweets, pick up a new fragrance from Perfume Maa El Dahb or show off a fun henna design from Henna & Tato.