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A Room With A Table And Chairs
A Room With Tables And Chairs
A Room With Tables And Chairs
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A Large Room With Tables And Chairs
A Patio With Tables And Chairs
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Take Your Pick of Convenience Savoy Resort Dining Packages

Offering Excellent Cuisine and Peace of Mind

While guests are able to pick and choose which restaurants and bars they visit on the property at their will, The Savoy offers several Savoy resort dining packages designed to offer convenience and flexibility while on property. Choose the dining package that best suits your needs, then simply sit down and enjoy your meal with the peace of mind that the bill has already been taken care of.


Choose the B&B dining package and start your day with a breakfast buffet at our signature restaurant, Tirana.

Half Board Dine Around

Guests who choose the Half Board Dine Around package will enjoy two full meals each day. Breakfast buffet at Tirana and the choice of dinner at Tirana or one of the following a la carte restaurants:

S Class

Enjoy an all-day-long exquisite experience with one of the best ultra-all-inclusive concepts in town, the S-class, with a variety of dining options like no other. Start your day with a delicious breakfast in the main restaurant, then explore the endless facilities of our resort where everything is included; snacks, spa treatments ( 20 mins), activities, minibar (once per stay), soft & hard drinks in 17 bars in Savoy and SOHO Square and a special discount on the room service menu. At lunch, choose between the different international cuisines our main buffet restaurant offers or the freshest seafood at the seafood island restaurant overlooking a marvelous view. When the sun sets get ready for a savory dining experience where you can enjoy your dinner at any of the 16 restaurants in both Savoy & SOHO Square.

E Class

The E-Class Soft package offers the best all-inclusive value at Savoy. It includes a delicious buffet-style breakfast and lunch at Tirana. Dinner is your choice: Tirana International Buffet or five different a la carte restaurants. In addition to dining, enjoy included non-alcoholic beverages at 6 different Savoy bars. You’ll also be treated to day-time snacks at Rocky Pool Bar, White Knight Beach Bar and the Cave Bar. Guest rooms are stocked with beverages once per stay and they receive two bottles of mineral water daily. Take advantage of food and beverage discounts on room service, Seafood Island at Savoy and nine different restaurants in SOHO Square as well as over a dozen bars and cafes. The package also grants daily spa & gym access and includes a number of sports, activities and entertainment offerings. And our younger guests can enjoy the kid’s clubs.

E-Class Hard offers all the above options of E-Class Soft, but also entitles you to include alcoholic beverages at noted bars and restaurants featuring a selection of wine and beers in addition to aperitifs, gin, vodka, rum and whisky drinks.