Savoy Hotel Bars

Safari Bar Sharm El Sheikh - Savoy Hotel


Colonial-style shuttered windows filter out the scorching sunlight from tall, lush tropical plants. Beautiful and striking animal paintings grace the walls. Dark wood furniture completes the authentic, sub-Saharan atmosphere, in this stylish bar. Our resident pianist offers a fine choice of music during the evening.

  • Savoy Hotel - Level L

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  • Adults only
    Dress Code
  • No shorts, sportswear or flip-flops, no swimming suits

  • Opening Times:
  • 11:00 – 00:00

Le Balcony Bar Sharm El Sheikh - Savoy Hotel

Le Balcony

Visit during the evening for some great live acts of tribal and folklore themes.

Rocky Bar Sharm El Sheikh - Savoy Hotel


The ubiquitous poolside bar is an essential part of any holiday. No need to dry off and move indoors, as you can sit directly by the pool. You can even stay right in the pool and enjoy a drink while seated on one of the in-water bar stools.

  • Savoy Hotel - Pool area

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  • Opening Times:
  • 9:00 – sunset

  • Snacks:
  • 11:00 - sunset

Oriental Cave Bar Sharm El Sheikh - Savoy Hotel

Oriental Cave

This bar continues to be a very popular evening haunt for our guests. Waterfalls cascade over the sides and into the surrounding pools. The bar is sunk just below this water level, creating the ambience of a subterranean aquatic hideaway. The famous Oriental water pipe – the shisha – is also available.

  • Savoy Hotel - Beach side

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  • Opening Times:
  • 12:00 – 00:00

  • White Knight Bar Sharm El Sheikh - Savoy Hotel

    White Knight

    The White Knight beach bar is a place in the shade on the Savoy's private beach. Ice cold drinks, appetizing snacks and shisha pipes are all served directly to the comfort of your sun bed, ensuring a perfect day at the beach.